Harmonic Progress

Christian Music Publishing

Artists/producers/Recording professionals

We administer everything from Jazz to Gospel to Contemporary Christian. Please visit our Song page to view, and listen to, our catalog. If you would like to license a work please contact us at: [email protected]



If you have a composition you think has commercial potential, contact Harmonic Progress, today.

Submission of Materials

Send a professional demo tape or CD to the address below. Include in your submission: 1) lyric sheets (if applicable); 2) your name; 3) address; 4) phone number; 5) email address; and 6) a short description of your musical background and achievements. Please limit your submission to your 3 best works. If your music piques our interest, don’t worry, we WILL contact you. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your materials returned. We CANNOT accept submissions sent by certified mail.