Blue room, an ideal decoration!

Blue room, an ideal decoration!

blue roomThis season is all about color in both decor and fashion, so do not be afraid to experiment, One trend is the blue room, but in halftone or even klein or electric.

Did you imagine your room in blue? You get a very nice, cool and relaxing. The only risk you run is to put a little space or even sad again if you use a very dark tone, so be careful when choosing the key. Otherwise you will be totally fashionable.

Valeria talked with Tantalean, interior architect graduate of Toulouse Lautrec, she gave us very good alternatives for decorating your room in blue. Go for some and change!
Furniture for your room in blue

Not always all about contrast, often has more to do with balance. Surely you thought that if your furniture is blue carpet, the walls can not be in the same key. But I will show that all other elements will be very good. Includes a carpet in a neutral color like beige and gray and very light shades to give light to the room. The other furniture such as coffee table or a dresser can go well with light colors.

The gray and blue are always faithful companions. The blue has to be responsible for bringing liveliness to the room, so choose a strong tone. Another good guy to create warmth is to use textures like in the next picture. Hilo, silk or printed are welcome to curtains, carpets, cushions or any furniture coverings.

Still have doubts with the combination of gray and blue? Notice how points are created by light orange objects such as cushions, ornaments, floral or small. Besides the gray wall has some texture to not be opaque.

Even in this environment has played with include different shades of blue, a lighter (pay attention to the side wall and the cabinet small) but the main furniture continues to dominate the entire scene.

Paint the walls of your room in blue!

Alternatively, if you want your room to go in this beautiful color is to paint the walls. Fear can darken the room but with these tips, you’ll see that on the contrary, the result is a very cheerful room. For example, one option is that only half of the wall is in blue, the other can go in a neutral color as pictured clear design.

Your furniture should go in very light colors, and can be used to create a more vivid personality in some places, like your cushions or lamps (similar to what we did with the orange in the previous case) or even an ottoman, table or small armchair. Note that the carpet in frames is also a detail that gives vivacity.

The blue being a color of nature makes very good combination with materials such as wicker or wood. The combination conveys warmth and calm. Look at the contrast with darker furniture!

But with lighter colors such as beige gets a more elegant, if rather want your blue room has a distinctive flair. Upholster your furniture in a soft but blue cushions can go to matching those walls.

White and blue in your room

I think the combination that always gets a ten, is the blue and white. It is very common for example, see walls and furniture blank blue. However, you can also opt for the room is mostly decorated in white with blue paint in specific locations. To make it more interesting you can choose prints on curtains, cushions and carpet.

Do you like blue and white? Try them in your furniture upholstery in your carpet or tablecloth center.

Thoroughly modern blue room!

But until you have all the options seemed too conventional, also will show that you can get a very modern decor with blue predominating.

The colors gray, black or white will help you achieve it. You can experiment with your wall and pretend it is a canvas as pictured. No grocery space with furniture but let the blue is the most striking, either in the cabinet or coffee table.

Want to be inspired by your imagination and break any limits? Build a real sky in your blue room.

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