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How to decorate a room so cozy

How to decorate a room so cozy

How to decorate a room so cozyI think we all decorate our home when we give special attention to our room. This is where we receive our guests, it’s like the face of our house.

I think we all decorate our home when we give special attention to our room. This is where we receive our guests, it’s like the face of our house.

If we look for convenience in the kitchen or bedroom comfort, seek warmth in the room plus space. Remember that this is an environment in which we meet, exchange ideas, in short we enjoy as a group. To achieve this there are different elements that help us, from materials, colors or specific objects. I tell you what.
Warm colors in your room

It may be very obvious but sometimes it actually overlooked. The colors of the room are the first that at first glance it may get warmer or colder. What colors should prevail? Yellow, red, orange in any shade will give a very welcoming atmosphere. You do not need everything to be in those colors you can use on your furniture if you want or you can give a touch of color in pillows, vases, paint one of the walls, etc.

This does not mean that if blue decorate a room for example, a color is rather cold, it will not be one quarter atmosphere. But you have to get it with other elements.
Materials like wood lend warmth

There are certain materials that naturally convey warmth. Can you imagine what? Wood is certainly the first in the list, even better if you have a rough finish. For example your coffee table can be a trunk (you can also use it to keep several things). Lamps, tables or even wood trim result in a warm place.

Another hot item is the stone. So congratulations if you have a fireplace. Today you will also find imitation building with fireplace in the living room (ie have no real outlet for the smoke) but are a decorative element.

Wicker or brick are also materials that give warmth to the place.
Soft elements in your room

What I mean by soft? Those who are characterized as being spongy, soft or certain types of filling. Then the tapestries, carpets (especially those that are not as smooth wool but longer), cushions or furniture stuffing very welcome.

When choosing the carpet, try this in a color not very clear because cool result. Prefers a vibrant color or dark.

Plants in your room

The plants to be natural elements will put that note of life we ​​were looking for our room. Select those which are easy to use.

If you do not give the time or are not very good for the care you need, never forget to buy a bouquet of flowers to place it in a corner when you receive your guests (in this case, again, I advise you to be in red, yellow or orange ).
Good lighting in your room

Just as warm colors give the first impression a feeling of warmth, the same goes for a good light. If your room is dark, you will have not only a sense of smallness but coldly. Try to keep your curtains go with light colors or very bright. Keep them in the possible open. If you have good natural lighting, lamps placed in key locations such as corners and the roof.

Or personal details to achieve warmth

And something that will not compare and get not only warmth but it will make your room unique is that you include items that reflect your personality or show something of your life: photographs, memories of your travels, antiques, etc..

Look at the next picture and give you a good idea of ​​what I mean. If you play a musical instrument can give a corner in your living room. Even put a shawl on a chair so distracted supposedly can give a very warm the atmosphere.

I think with all the tips I’ve given you, you will have the room of your dreams. Your guests will feel very welcome!

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